Started from our obsession with fragrances, we realized that we spent a considerable investment just to satisfy our curiosity for designer scents. These lovely scents usually come in large sizes, in which, let’s be honest, we hardly finish the bottle before we try out the next. Hence, we embark on this journey to let our customers test out the scents personally so they can commit to one true scent that match them!

Make Scents is a box of three or five samplers of original designer fragrances which we carefully curated in our collection. Each of our vials is individually re bottled from 100% genuine designer perfumes. Box of three can last up to approximately one month (for average of 4 pumps a day). Our box starts from IDR 160,000, so yes, say goodbye to your “buy or not to buy” dilemma!

You can either customize your own box from our collection or try this: “Surprise Me!” box for those adventurous individuals. The “Surprise Me” box will give you exactly as the name states; we will handpick the fragrances for you. So sit back, relax, and expect a pleasant surprise delivered to your doorstep.

So now you can enjoy variety of fragrances guilt-free, customize it or make it a surprise, and smell good anywhere you go with our convenient-sized bottles!

Discover a world of exciting scents with Make Scents.